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Tracie Connor is a Qualified Practicing Nutritionist and Public Speaker offering a variety of health services, including DNA Tests for Nutrition and Fitness, Online Diet Analysis, Workplace Health Seminars and Personal Consultations. You can catch Tracie regularly discussing an array of important health topics in the Sydney Morning Herald and Womens Health & Fitness Magazine, also Live on ABC Radio nationwide and more.


Workplace Health

Health programs designed to engage, motivate and increase workplace productivity

Community Health

Engaging nutrition information talks for community groups, families and seniors

Supermarket Tours

Join our tours to learn practical health tips and important food shopping information

Pantry Makeover

In-home nutrition advice designed to suit your lifestyle

Personal Consultations

Tailored health programs with ongoing education and support

Great Resources

Providing a range of health resources for everyone

Refreshing to hear a talk about health put so simply by an experienced Nutritionist

J Kirkland


Tracie is delightful, I loved the suggestions she made. Has really helped us to make better food choices

D Somers


Very good tour, we learnt a lot about different foods and how to make the right choices for our family.

B Pattison


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