Nutrition and Health Education for a

Happier, Healthier Workplace

Corporate Health Services 

Our services provide up-to-date nutrition information 

and engaging health education in a variety of formats to Workplaces across Australia.

Each service is tailored to the business environment and designed to help ease program implementation while encourage team participation.    

Nutrition Seminars 

Choose from a variety of topics to suit your businesses needs including :

Pillars of Wellbeing – how nutrition influences the pillars : energy levels, mental health, sleep,motivation and physical activity

Power Up – nutrition and lifestyle tips to increase everyday energy and limit fatigue & illness

Understanding Food Labels

Gut Brain Connection – foods & mindful practices for great physical + mental wellbeing

Meal ideas for Home and Office - learn the easy tips to apply to make every meal more nutritious, including delicious meal examples

There are no boring lectures here! Every seminar is engaging and informative to provide teams with the knowledge and practical skills they can apply with ease.   

Seminars can be delivered within the lunch break, such as a 45 - 60 min ‘lunch and learn’ session, or we can host a more detailed session up to 2 hours in length, allowing plenty of time for questions, group activity and discussion. 

Nutrition seminars run by Tracie
Food prep workshops

Food Preparation Workshops 

Workshops provide a fantastic team building experience that encourage confidence in the kitchen while learning about healthy food choices that are easy to prepare.   

Choose from a wide range of delicious recipes available that cater for your work space, team numbers, dietary preferences and budgets.  

During the workshop and while preparing & cooking food, we discuss a variety of important health topics; such as the nutritional benefits of foods, how to correctly store certain foods, easy steps for food preparation as well as answer any general nutrition questions that team member may have. 

Every team member has fun during a cooking workshop!

Tailored Health Programs 

Tailored programs combine it all : seminars, food preparation/ cooking workshops, and physical activities or rejuvenation activities for staff (examples include yoga, desk exercises for better posture or massages).   

Programs can incorporate all 3 options (seminars, food prep/cooking & activities) in one day, or across several weeks.  

Your team has the chance to experience a range of healthy techniques that will help them thrive from top to toe!

Tailored health programs


Thanks so much for today Tracie – what a fantastic session!  The feedback I have received from people was outstanding.

-Rachel Pick, Paralegal CGW Lawyers

The information and session you provided was fantastic and the feedback has been great. Thank you very much.

-Kelly OBrien, Health Safety & Environment Mgr Sunstate Cement Ltd

The team really enjoyed both sessions and particularly enjoyed preparing their healthy meals. I know many have changed their behavior with food since {the sessions}. Thank you 

-Kylie McCann - Human Resources Manager Geon Property

Loved having you here Tracie! It was great to get information from a professional & have our questions answered. Would recommend you to anyone.

-Nulla Brojak Manager Pipstreet Early Learning

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