Delivering tailored, professional and up-to-date health and nutrition information for  Workplaces , Parents and Families, Community Centres and Individuals.

 Hi, I’m Tracie Hyam Connor – a qualified nutritionist, experienced health promotion manager and public speaker with over a decade of experience in the industry. Tracie Talks Health was created to deliver quality health programs accessible for everyone, and backed with accurate information and ongoing support.

My background includes managing health programs for corporate, large and small businesses; and offering information talks, shopping tours, personal consultations and and cooking classes for community environments such as schools, social groups, health clinics and health resorts throughout Australia, Canada, Asia and the UK.

Based in Brisbane, Australia and catering for interstate and international clients via online nutrition and communication avenues.

As an experienced media spokesperson, my professional views can be found on the Media page, where a list of  radio talk-back shows, news articles and magazine clips are provided. Further information, recipes and healthy recommendations can be found on the blog and social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

I honestly believe and have witnessed many times that quality health information can change people’s life, and quality health education will provide necessary lifestyle ‘tools’ that will last a lifetime.

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Most Australians are currently living with preventable illness and lifestyle- related diseases, and the numbers are set to rise*.  Providing health information and education is the key to prevent illness and disease and enhance wellbeing.

I hear all too often that people are confused with the overload of health messages now days, and that it’s difficult and/or too expensive to buy healthy foods.

For these reasons and more I believe that quality, unbiased nutrition and healthy lifestyle education delivered by an experienced and registered Nutritionist is a valuable resource and one of the only sustainable solutions for the health of Australians. My services have been created to reflect and provide this to you.

Poor health has a heavy impact on all facets of life, including physical, mental, social, emotional and financial wellbeing.  Everyone has the ability to invite health into their lives when they’re given the opportunity to, with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle education.

*Currently more than 60% of  Australian Adults are overweight or obese and living with preventable lifestyle – related diseases. By 2025, those numbers are expected to rise to 80% for Adults and 30% of all Australian children.



Tracie Hyam is a Registered Nutritionist and member of the following health associations:




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