DNA Testing for Optimal Nutrition and Fitness Performance

Is Here.

Is a GLUTEN FREE diet right for you? Will a HIGH PROTEIN diet help you lose weight?

What TYPE OF EXERCISE is best for you? And what NUTRIENTS do you need most of for optimal health?

These are a just few of the questions that a Nutrigenomix ® gene test & I can answer for you!

The Nutrigenomix ® genetic test is a comprehensive test with a panel of 45 – genetic markers,  delivering very detailed and accurate nutrition and physical activity recommendations relative to your DNA. Nutrigenomix ® tests are only available via accredited practitioners.

A DNA test can directly impact your ability to lose weight, highlight your genetic potential for athletic performance, identify sports injury risk, decrease your risk of disease and pinpoint a wide range of nutrients needed for everyday optimal health and well being. Unlike blood test results, DNA test results will not change over time or throughout various periods in your life.

Included in the 45 -marker DNA test results is detailed information about your Food Intolerance’s; Caffeine, Sodium, Proteins and Saturated Fats metabolism, micronutrient metabolism such as Vitamin D, E, Folate, Iron, Omega 3’s and Calcium; Energy Balance and Physical Activity compositions, Fat Taste Perceptions, Sugar Preferences, Exercise Behaviour, overall Endurance and risk of Achilles Tendon injury, to name a few.

The process :

  • Your DNA is collected via a saliva sample placed in a specialized test kit – this can be done in the privacy of your home or with me during consultation.
  • The sample is sent to our Nutrigenomix ® laboratory that uses state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures to analyse the DNA from your saliva sample.
  • Your Personalised Nutrition and Fitness Report will be available approximately 3-4 weeks from receiving your completed test kit.
  •  We agree on a time to discuss the results in person or on phone during a follow-up consultation.

Unleash Your Genetic Potential Today. Eat According To Your Genes and Optimise Your Athletic Performance.

Contact me for more information or to make a booking.

How can DNA detect food intolerance?

A Nutrigenomix ® test can determine if you’re most suited to a gluten-free or lactose-free diet for example, based on your personal genetic profile. For example, the Nutrigenomix ® tests use NGx-Gluten ™, the most comprehensive genetic analytic tool for gluten intolerance, that explores 6 variations in the HLA gene and can determine your risk of gluten intolerance.

How is this test different to a blood test for coeliac disease?

Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance are separate conditions. Antibodies for coeliac disease will, in most cases, show up in a blood test. However, not everyone with gluten intolerance produces identifiable antibodies in their blood and therefore a blood test will not detect it.

A gene test can detect gluten intolerance by analysing your DNA.  The Nutrigenomix test looks at the most important genetic predictor of gluten intolerance, called the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) gene.

The science and technology behind Nutrigenomix ® DNA tests is evidence-based and proven to provide reliable results.  

Nutrigenomix ® DNA Tests have featured recently in the news :

Down to the Wiring – Vogue Magazine 2017

“A new wave of DNA tests can determine, with amazing precision, which foods are right for you”

Test Your Genes to Find Your Best DietWall Street Journal 2016

“To find your best diet, a handful of companies and clinics offer nutritional genetic testing, aimed at revealing what nutrients you may be missing and if you’re drinking too much coffee.”

DNA Diet : The Gene Test That Allerts YouThe Independent 2015

“Will nutritional genomics make it easier to follow a healthy diet? Clint Witchalls sends off his DNA for a nutritional diagnosis.”

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