Nutrition information sessions are available for community groups throughout Brisbane, with a variety of topics to suit each audience.

Our quality nutrition and healthy lifestyle information talks are engaging, educational and tailored to suit your needs.

Community groups we’ve provided talks for include : GoodStart Child Care parents and staff, C and K Kindergartens parents and staff,  Private Mothers Groups, Fitness First members, PreggiBellies members, TumbleTastics members and St Vincents members.

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Popular information talk topics include:

  • Nutrition for Kids (Parents & Families) – Nutrition in the 1st year; toddlers & fussy eating plus development with food through the years.
  • Nutrition in the Box  (Parents & Families) – Outline of what is good nutrition for kids, Healthy tips for lunch boxes, fussy eater tactics and how to make your everyday meals ‘ultra’ healthy.
  • Healthy Eating for Less (Families & Adults) –  Eating healthy shouldn’t cost the earth. Tips for healthy food preparation & budget shopping that will save money and time.
  • Power Up (Adults) –  Use good nutrition to decrease stress and increase energy, motivation and focus throughout the day. Includes tips for a meal ideas, a better night’s sleep and stress-free strategies with nutrition and physical activity.
  • Pregnancy Health & Nutrition (Antenatal care) – Meal suggestions throughout the trimesters; How much food is enough for you and growing baby?; Foods to enjoy and foods to avoid; tips to keep energy levels high and more.
  • Nutrition for Seniors (Over 50’s) – Nutrition needs change as we age; discussing bone health, cardiovascular health, diabetes & physical activity.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice for your booking. Prices for group bookings for a 1 hour information session start from $100. Free (pro bono) information talks are available each year to suitable charity groups.

For more information or to make a booking, please complete the form below or via our contact page.

Community Health Enquiry Form


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