Workplace Health services offer you and your staff quality and professional nutrition and healthy lifestyle seminars, tailored to your environment to promote wellness and productivity.

We offer a variety of health topics and workshop packages to inspire your wellbeing programme, and we tailor our information to suit the needs of your business, programme and work environment.  Seminars can be delivered within any time frame starting from 30 mins,  and from 60 mins to incorporate food preparation activities &/or physical activity for example.

Some of the corporate clients we have worked with include GE Money , Geon Property , Sunstate Cement Pty Ltd, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers and Government departments.

GEON PROPERTY – Workplace Health Seminar 2019

COOPER GRACE WARD LAWYERS – Workplace Health Seminar 2019




Health Seminar Topics include:

  • Power Up :
    Discussing ways to decrease stress and increase energy, motivation and focus throughout the day. Includes tips for a meal ideas, a better night’s sleep, immunity boosts and stress-free strategies with nutrition and physical activity.
  • Understanding Food Labels:
    Do you really know what’s in the food you’re eating? Learn about the numbers and words listed on the back of foods. This empowers consumers by explaining the NIP (Nutrition Info Panel), ingredients lists, brand marketing and comparing products.
  • Healthy Budget Eating:
    Healthy food & lifestyle doesn’t need to cost the earth. For individuals and families – we share plenty of tips to cut costs when food shopping & discuss ways to keep active for free and provide practical advice to assist all consumers.
  • Reduce the Risks :
    Discussing Cardiovascular disease & Diabetes (Australia’s lifestyle diseases). The healthy food & lifestyle choices that will reduce the risks.
  • Healthy Shift Workers:
    Nutrition tips to maintain health & energy levels while shift-working.
  • Nutrition and Ageing:
    Health and dietary needs change as we age. We discuss the food facts to keep you well & feeling wonderful through your senior years.
  • Food Allergies and Intolerance:
    Look at the differences between food allergies and intolerance, discussing management and latest research.
  • Debunking Fad Diets:
    With so many fad diets on the market, we educate on proper nutrition and discuss debunking those diets that can do damage.

Providing quality nutrition and healthy lifestyle seminars at your workplace demonstrates support for employees and their well being; and offering professional health education can reduce the costs associated with productivity loss.

The health of staff plays a major role in the productivity and well being of a business. When employees lead unhealthy lifestyles it affects their physical, mental and emotional well being and leads to additional stress. In a state of stress, sleep is disrupted, energy levels are low, mental clarity and resilience is poor and sickness prevails.

“The estimated productivity loss for the most psychologically stressed and unhealthy percent of the Australian workforce was AUD$17.84 billion” – safeworkaustralia.gov.au : The Australian Workplace Barometer 2013

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