Bottomless Vanilla Extract

I need Bottomless Vanilla Extract and if you do too, then you’re in the right place. It’s used in so many of my recipes, from Hot Chocolate to Cupcakes, and it makes them all so tasty and fragrant. But I’ve always been frustrated with the lack of wholesome choice available on supermarket shelves and the high price we pay for cheap ingredients in the extract! So when I heard about the easiest, 2 -ingredient Vanilla Extract recipe that never ends I jumped on it and have never looked back.

All you need is a Narrow, Glass jar with seal + Vodka + 4 Vanilla Pods.

To compare the difference with store bought vanilla extracts and the 2 ingredients above, here’s the list from one of the best quality extract’s on the shelf : Invert Syrup (sugar), Alcohol (20% vol.), Water, Vanilla Seeds.  

Forget that!! All you need is Vodka + Vanilla Pods (and your glass jar).  Vanilla Extract

I bought vanilla pods that came in a narrow, sealed glass jar and it’s made a perfect container for the Extract. You dont want a jar that’s too big, you’ll end up using too much vodka.

1st step : Split the vanilla pods length ways and place them into your glass jar. Trimming them if need.

2nd step : Cover the pods with vodka and seal the jar.

3rd step : Shake the jar to mix the pods and vodka and store in it upright in the dark eg. your food cupboard, for up to 4 weeks before using. The flavour and aroma will get stronger the longer you leave it.

Each time you see the jar in the cupboard, give it a shake to mix it up.

To make this a bottomless treat, simply add more vodka as you use the jar. If you find the flavour fading after a while, add another vanilla pod or two.

Enjoy! To your good health, Tracie 🙂



2 thoughts on “Bottomless Vanilla Extract”

  1. Love this idea. Where did you find the pods in e long glass? I agree that pure vanilla essence is too expensive. Thanks

    1. Hi Marilyn, the glass jar I used here was from brand Queen found at local supermarket a while ago. They sold Whole Organic Pods in the jar. If you have trouble finding that brand, you can try using an empty herb/spice container or an old capers jar, or any other narrow container would do. Tracie 🙂

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