Slow Cooked Steak and Vegetables

By far one of our favourite slow cooked meal and it’s incredibly easy to make. Nutritious and delicious, the whole family loves it.

It’s a recipe that tastes amazing on the day and develops a richer flavour the next : leftover champion. There are truly so many good points to it. Using basic pantry ingredient staples, I’m sure that the Slow Cooked Steak and Vegetables will soon become your favourite winter warmer too!!


20 mins prep/ slow cook on high 3- 4 hours / serves 4

Slow Cooked Steak and Vegetables 


500 g diced meat (beef and lamb work well)   sweet_potato_slices

1/4 Cup plain flour (or GF plain flour)

2 Cups Beef Stock

3 Cups Mushrooms, cut into quarters

1 Cup Carrot, coarsely diced

3 Tbs Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Tomato Paste

1 Brown Onion, finely chopped (optional)

1 Tbs Bone Broth Concentrate (optional)

1 Cup Broccoli florets, blanched (for serving)

2 Cups cooked Quinoa grain, to serve


Method :

Turn on your slow cooker to high and add your stock to it.

Using a separate large pan, heat with 2 Tbs Oil.

In a small bowl, add the flour and coat the diced meat in the flour mix before adding it to the heated pan.

Brown the steak then place it in the slow cooker.

Oil the pan again and add the onions and mushrooms, cook until they’re soft. 
Slow Cooked Beef and Vegetables

Add the mushrooms and onions to the slow cooker. Then add your carrot and stir it all while adding the tomato paste. This is also where you can add the bone broth concentrate for a creamier and more nutritious sauce.

Place the lid on the cooker and leave on high for approx 3-4 hours, or on medium heat for 6 – 8 hours.

Before serving, rinse and cook your quinoa in a boiling pan for approx 15 mins.

Blanch your broccoli in a separate bowl of boiling water for approx. 10 minutes.

Serve your slow cooked meat and vegetables on top of fresh quinoa and place blanched broccoli florets on top.

Cooked potatoes, rice and crusty sourdough bread are also great choices to serve with this meal instead of quinoa. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Tracie x







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