85/15 Balanced Lifestyle

The 85/15 Lifestyle is all about balance. ‘Balance’ has to be one of my favourite words to describe good health, for good reason.

When our lives are in a state of balance, our overall physical and mental health thrives. There’s plenty of evidence available about the benefits of eating well and exercising, but there is also a rising illness called orthorexia that takes it to the extreme. And please lets face it, life is just too short (and hectic) not to have fun and indulge with occasional treats, late nights and lazy days.

That’s where I talk about living a balanced ‘85/15 lifestyle’ that provides a healthy foundation for a majority of people and commonly promotes weight loss, increased motivation and focus, increased self esteem and better mental health.

What is the ‘85/15′ ? It’s a ratio; meaning to eat really well and exercise 85% of the time so that your body and mind is strengthened and resilient, and 15% of the time embrace the fun of life by eating &/or drinking the temptations and take well deserved R&R.

During the 85% of time when you’re really looking after yourself, the foundations of your body and mind are strengthened and resilient through nourishment and adequate nutrition. When we prioritise time to eat well and exercise, we reap the benefits of sleeping better, increasing self esteem, having more focus and less illness ; our skin glows, our posture improves, our mood brightens and, thanks to increased vitamins, minerals and oxygen circulating, we even look a lot younger!

There’s so much to enjoy in life and it’s simply not convenient or fun for anyone to be restrictive or controlling with their diet and lifestyle 100% of the time.

That’s where the 15% comes into play. Enjoy that drink, that late night, and the desserts occasionally. Enjoy some R&R and skip the gym or running track. Choose to unwind in any way, including watching your favourite movie or soaking up the magnificent sunset. Dark Chocolate

If you’ve set up those strong foundations for health 85% of the time, it’s healthy to balance it with 15% down time. And the best part is, with strong foundations in place, you’ll bounce back easier and quicker after that late night / extra desserts & drinks you’ve enjoyed.

Cheers to your good health, Tracie

Tracie Connor is an accredited Nutritionist & media spokesperson having featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post and on ABC Radio. She is based in Brisbane for personal consultations, personal shopping tours and in-home tailored pantry makeovers with health fund rebates available on services.

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