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If your diet could do with a tune up and you’d like professional advice online, you’ve landed on the right page.

The Online Food & Diet Review was created to help people reach their health goals, with advice from a qualified nutritionist, in a very flexible format.

Reviewing food and diet intake is an important part of every nutrition consultation; it highlights a person’s food choices and lifestyle habits that make all the difference to their state of health & well being. For instance, when the ratio of macronutrients is imbalanced, or if the combinations of foods, the types of foods or the timing of eating certain foods isn’t suffice, ill health can present.

The Online Food & Diet Review assesses your diet and lifestyle habits and returns a 2-3 page document to you with detailed advice. All communication is via email for the Online Review and it requires minimal personal information disclosed from you. The Online Food & Diet Review differs from a personal consultation service (online &/or in person) and is a completely separate service.

For a limited time you can purchase an Online Food & Diet Review and only pay $49.

Here’s what a client had to say after receiving her Online Food & Diet Review ~

I received a diet assessment from Tracie which was incredibly helpful. At the time I was trying to lose weight and improve my low energy levels. My diet assessment showed me where I was missing mark and where I was on target.
Personally, I find the amount of health and wellness information available online and in the media conflicting and confusing. Tracie’s diet assessment was so beneficial because it was specifically targeted at me and my health needs, and didn’t take a one size fits all approach. It also outlined what nutrients I needed more and less of, which was brilliant! Tracie also has an incredible knack of explaining complex topics in a clear and easy to understand way which I so appreciate as well. Since receiving the diet assessment I’ve been able to adjust my diet to lose weight and lift my energy levels. 
Catherine, 32 y/o, Sydney.

The Process

Once your booking email has been received, you’ll be provided with a diet diary and clear instructions with how to use it, along with a few basic personal questions to answer and an invoice for payment. All of this can completed and returned to us at your leisure.

Within 3 working days upon receipt of your completed diary and questions with payment, you’ll be provided with a thorough review of your diet and suggested changes to make to your food intake and lifestyle to help you reach your goals.

The Online Food & Diet Review provides a guide for adequate nutrient balance in your diet; highlighting what you’re doing right and where you can improve, plus demonstrating easy ways to correct the imbalances.

Additional to the Online Food & Diet Review is a Meal Suggestion Plan, offered at a discounted rate when you purchase a Review. The Meal Suggestion Plan lists 4 or 7 – days worth of meals and snacks best suited for you, based on your Review.

**There is NO calorie counting, fad diet recommendations, supplement suggestions, or fasting techniques provided in your Online Food & Diet Review**

What Are The Benefits?

Having a qualified nutritionist assess your diet and recommend healthy changes can deliver a long list of health benefits, when the recommendations are followed. The Online Food & Diet Review offers dietary recommendations that are highly likely to increase your energy levels, assist with weight loss and healthy weight management, strengthen your focus, motivation, libido and athletic capability, to name a few.  

To get started, simply contact us  and I’ll be in touch with the information to begin your Online Food & Diet Review.

For more information, please see the FAQ’s or ask me.

In good health,


Tracie Connor is a qualified nutritionist, media spokesperson & mother of 1. She has been practicing in the industry for over a decade, including across Australia, in the UK and Asia. Catch her regularly in the media including featured articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post and on ABC Talk Back Radio. 

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