Easy Break the Fasts

Whether you choose to eat soon after you wake or wait a little longer, it’s important to break-the-fast with a nourishing meal.

Gone are the days when experts say we should eat breakfast each day, and I know this comes as a relief for so many people that can’t stomach food soon after waking.

There’s plenty of science now backing the benefits behind fasting for longer periods and eating our first meals a few hours after we wake. But often the problem with delaying breakfast lies in the lack of convenient, healthy food available when we do decide to eat. Therefore meal preparation becomes even more important.

This list of breakfasts are some of the favourites we reach for when we don’t have a lot of time (10 mins or under) and many cases, need to pack the meal to-go. Some are prepped the night before too! All are balanced with plenty of protein, healthy fats and wholesome carbs.

In case you’re wondering, yes I have packed a 3 ingredient pancake to – go as I’m racing out the door (to continue feeding the kids and myself!). Many times, in fact. However there are a few that a more convenient to grab and throw in the bag.

There’s a mixture of recipes here though, some for on-the-go and a few for days when we can all enjoy a bit more time. A mixture of temperatures too, to suit your climate..or mood.

And for the ones who are not so fussed having eggs at first meal, there are 5 recipes that are egg-free.

Hope you enjoy and that these inspire you to make an easy, healthy meal whenever you choose to break-the-fast.

Easy Break-the-Fasts 

* 3 Ingredient Pancake (Warm)

Balsamic Eggs and Greens (Warm)

* Omelette with the lot (Warm)

Frosty Cereal and Cream Bites

* Pumpkin, Quinoa and Bacon Bites (Warm or Cool)

* Sweet Vegetable Muffins (Warm or Cool)

* Chia Seed Jam using any fruit + Nut Butter on toasted Sourdough (Warm)

* Classic Chia Seed Pudding (Cold)

* Raw Trail Mix Bar (Cold)

* Frosty Cereal & Cream Bites (Frozen)

* Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats with Kefir (Cold)


In good health,



Tracie Connor is an accredited nutritionist specialising in gut health, food allergies and weight management.

Catch her featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Womens Health & Fitness Magazine, Huffington Post and on ABC Radio. Based in Brisbane, Australia.


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